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Would you like to buy women, men, or children shoes that have a proven sales history?


With genuine retail data behind the majority of our products, we offer 'Real' sales performance and history for each and every one of our customers.


Love the shoes but hate the minimums you are required to purchase?  Would you like to test a particular trend in your business without the horrendous cost to put in the lasts and constructions needed?


We understand that your business might be in its infancy or not large enough to compete against major brands for factory space.  Oceanic Brands with their large network of partner factory's can offer you realistic minimums from as low as 300 pairs per style.


We will do our best to satisfy your requirements where we can.


So you have your own in house designers, developers or range problems!


Let us develop your shoes for you in fatories that have been handpicked to meet your needs, be in for price or quality or just to have that unique look your business needs.


Shoes, shoes and more shoes!!  We have thousands of adopted styls available every season whether your business is Men's, Women's or Children's footwear.


New shoes arrive daily to the Oceanic Brands showroom which offers you the opportunity to freshen up your styling with the hard work already done.


The perfect pair of shoes needs the perfect accessory. Oceanic Brands offers a wide range of handbags that are made in the same material as the shoe you purchase. 


Our handbag minimums are a small as 60 pieces per colour which makes it easy to offer a perfect shoe  and bag and dress outfit.

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